Building Reports & Recording

The acquisition of planning permission for certain sites may entail the creation of an archaeological survey. The level of detail required will depend on the importance of the building and the extent of the proposed intervention. The Planning Officer will take all these into consideration and make a decision on what the survey should entail – at this point, Dr Samuel can take over.

Recording and comprehension are now commonly confused. The conditions of planning permission usually stipulate an overall understanding of the building. To this end, Architectural Archaeology makes full use of existing architectural surveys. If required, point cloud data capture and other methods can be arranged, but the emphasis is on traditional use of grey matter on the spot – rather than kicking the can down the road with technological overkill.

Where no planning officer is involved, you are free to have your property recorded exactly as you choose – even as a watercolour!


laser scanning
Data capture employing laser scanning
( © J.C. White)
An on-the-spot watercolour of your house
( not a copied photo! )