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Useful points of call and Internet resources for Owners of Historic properties and their agents :

Historic England


The national authority responsible for ensuring the protection of England’s historic environment. They administer a variety of historic properties, manage the listing system and produce conservation guidance, among other things.

Statements of Significance ‘ The view from Historic England’


Kentish farm building
The roof space within a historic Kentish farm building
Same stripped for recladding
The same Kentish farm building, stripped for recladding

The Institute of Historic Building Conservation


The main organisation for heritage professionals in the UK. The Website provides much useful information on the historic environment, including news and technical resources. The National Amenity Societies are voluntary organisations concerned with promoting the conservation and appreciation of historic buildings and landscapes. They are Statutory Consultees on applications for Listed Building Consent, and can also provide valuable advice and assistance on the conservation of historic properties. The seven societies each deal with different parts of The national heritage.

Defence of Kent Project - pillbox
A pillbox discovered by Mark for the Defence of Kent Project

The Council for British Archaeology


This educational Charity works throughout the UK. Its purpose is to promote archaeology, as well as the understanding and protection of the Historic Environment. It particularly aims to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to directly participate in Archaeology.