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Unexpected outcomes come from rigorous archaeological procedure - and there is always a story lurking in the archives. The production of guidebooks for the public follows on from a long apprenticeship in archaeological reporting. These have provided me with expertise in all periods of British (and Irish) architectural history. These include houses on all scales, castles, monastic remains, dry docks, WW2 pillboxes ...and more!

Working with a wide circle of associates (including internationally-acclaimed children’s book designers Patrick George) we provide a full creative service; working with you to devise, design, research, write the sort of guidebooks to interest visitors. Every project is unique!

FAQs: Commissioning Illustration

Illustrations are priced according to a number of factors which vary from project to project. These factors include:

  1. What the illustration will be used for
  2. How long it will be used for
  3. How much time it will take to create etc. The best way to find out how much a particular illustration will cost is to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The Association of Illustrators have produced a very useful Guide to Commissioning which is well worth reading, particularly if you have not worked with an illustrator before.

Copyright put very simply is the right to copy something. The owner of the copyright to an image is the only person who has the right to reproduce it or allow others to reproduce it. Copyright is automatically created as soon as an illustrator draws, paints or creates a piece of work in any medium, and lasts for the illustrator's lifetime plus 70 years. When an illustrator creates artwork for a client, the illustrator still automatically holds the copyright to that artwork, but grants the client permission to reproduce the artwork in the form of a licence.

Copyright is a highly valuable and wide ranging right, which essentially grants the copyright holder the right to reproduce an illustration in any context, as many times as they like, throughout the entire world, and to modify the image in any way they please. The copyright holder can also sell the rights to the artwork to anyone they choose.
The cost for a copyright buy out will obviously reflect this, and as such please do not expect to do so without a very significant cost implication.  It is almost never appropriate for an illustrator to assign complete copyright to a client, and in the vast majority of cases a licence proves to be the best option. A licence means that the client only pays for the specific rights which they require, rather than a large number of rights they may never need to use.

The information here is a basic introduction to copyright issues relevant to commissioning illustration. If you would like to find out more information then you can visit the Intellectual Property Office website which is an excellent resource on the subject.

Mark also offers professional-quality artwork, meticulous attention to detail and a friendly down-to-earth service. All from a trusted heritage sector specialist.

Member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
Member of the Association for Hertitage Interpretation
Member of the Association of Illustrators